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Cisco is our amazing fourteen month old Morgan colt. He has been on a total of four trail rides and his temperment out on the trail is a sight to be seen. Cisco is smart, confident, and sweet. He has been exposed to bridges, water, cows, hikers, down timber, and mud. Cisco follows well on the trail on and off lead. We found that towards the end of our trail rides Cisco would get pesty while on the lead often bothering the horse in front of him so we let him free. He shot off a few times to explore, but for the most part follows the trail keeping up with us quite well.  While the water took some time getting used to he sure had fun playing at Hidden Lake. Muddy spots are something that still needs some work on though. When Cisco comes to mud, he puts on the breaks and tries to find any way around it rather then going through it. With time and experience he will get it. While we do not get him on the trail nearly as much as we would like to, every little bit helps and we are hoping that the experiences we give him will help make the transition to saddle that much easier. We are nothing but impressed with our little Morgan.