Products We Use

Maggie’s fanny pack has gotten progressively bigger and bigger over the years as she tries to cram more and more stuff into it. It started out as a place to carry just her camera but has evolved to so much more. When riding horseback it is important to keep your most prized possessions on the rider in case of emergencies. Such things like getting bucked off from your horse and then having your horse take off can result in a loss of essential items, items that can help you in case of an emergency.

Maggie currently uses a larger fanny pak by Outdoor Products. This pack was gift and Maggie joked that it was way too big and she thought she wouldn’t need one this large. WELL, it is now filled up and has  become very useful.   It has three compartments and a secure place for keys and the a hook for the GoPro.  If you are looking for a smaller pack she previously used one by  Kelty.

Items Carried in the Fanny Pack

Olympus Tough Camera

Go Pro

Gorilla Tripod: This is a necessity for us out on the trail. We just fix this to the bottom of our camera and it will either wrap around a tree, post, or stand on a rock so that we can get those important group photos and get everyone in the picture.

 Bear Spray

Riding Gloves

Truck & Trailer Keys




Hair Pick



Aloe Vera lotion

Hair Ties


Protein Bars