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Our rides are coming!!!


Be patient with us and check back often as we are working on getting some of our rides posted on here. Complete with descrition, pictures, and maps. If you have any requests or know of any rides that we do that are your favorite let us know. We will try and prioritize those rides so you can get ready for riding season.


  1. Thanks for taking us along on this ride. I’m guessin if we never rode in this kind of setting or if we are faint of heart, this should not be our first ride up here. It sounds like it would be a great place to spend the day. It’s hard to imagine getting to ride in a place similar to this anytime we saddle up, but thanks to you Maggie and Amy, we get a good description.

  2. Ann

    Would you guys have the route up to Tablerock (near Driggs/Victor) that ends up wih a view of the west side of Tetons? Weve been wanting to do that ride but not sure what to expect. How long of a ride? Would it be better as an overnight? Difficulty? Trailmarkers, etc?

    1. aimee_03@hotmail.com Author

      Climbing Table
      sitting on Table

      Hi Ann,
      We have hiked Tablerock twice. The first time we went to it and back on the Huckleberry Trail. The second time we went up the Face trail nad back down Huckleberry. It is about a 14 mile hike. We don’t advise taking horses on this trail, but know it has been done. If you did it, we would advise doing the Huckleberry Trail both ways because the Face Trail is steep and not maintained. There is actually a sign at the beginning of the Face Trail that states that. One of the main reasons we say not to take horses on this trail is the final climb up to table is very rocky and steep and just as you get to the top we were climbing on our hands and knees. I posted a picture in this comment of me making that final climb. Hope you are able to access the pic. Also, once you reach the top of Table it is a flat rocky landing that really doesn’t leave much room for horses. This is a very populated trail when it comes to hikers and there are quite a few people up top taking in the view. If you wanted you could tie your horses at the bottom, but the nearest tree is probably a couple miles from summit. Not sure I would want to leave my horse unattended for that long especially with the many hikers on the trail. Again, just our opinion, but we see this better as a day hike. If you wanted to get a good view and take horses there is always Hurricane Pass. The trail head is in the same vacinity and the trail is much more horse friendly and you get a good view of the Teton’s on Hurricane Pass.


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