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Our Morgan Colt… 9 Months Old

Our Morgan Colt Teton Cisco Kid, just turned 9 months old. He is a very intelligent horse and continues to amaze us on a daily basis. On our last update we mentioned how we had gained his respect and trust. We also worked on leading him with the halter, giving to pressure, and lunging. In the past few months we worked on fine tuning some of those lessons. Cisco lives out in a pasture with our two mares. When we take a halter out the girls often run or walk away while Cisco comes to us everytime and automatically puts his nose in the halter. Cisco has also become a pro on the lunge line. He will lunge in both directions and switch directions with just the change of a hand. Cisco stops by just giving him the “Whoa” command and will turn into us at this point as well. After a training session, Cisco will often join up with us and walk with his, stopping when we stop and backing up when we back.

Cisco also recently just visited the vet, where he got his 5-Way and West Nile booster. A trip to the vet meant getting in the trailer for only the second time in his life. We put Gracie in the trailer first, so he would have his buddy in there with him. Cisco hesitated at first, putting his front feet into the trailer and then not quite sure what to do with the hind. We took the pressure off for a second and reassured him. Once we did that he hopped right in. He was a little apprehensive standing in the trailer, however we were really impressed with how easily he took to this. When we left the vet, Cisco was all too eager to get right back in that trailer. This day at the vet was not just any other ordinary day. There was a horse clinic going on, so there were people and horses there from all over the area. There was a lot of distraction and while Cisco was slightly on edge he was more curious than anything and did an amazing job.

We also took a step in introducing him to fly spray. We took a small spray bottle filled with Mane & Tale out to him. We figured might as well condition his healthy mane while we were at it. We sprayed his mane and forelock and he could have cared less.

We are anxiously awaiting this summer, when we can hit the trails with him. Cisco really is an amazing little horse and we feel blessed he has entered into our lives.

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