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Do you wonder what camera we are using for our great shots?


People are constantly asking us what kind of camera we use in all of our adventures. Maggie is kind of a photographer fanatic and through the years has owned more cameras than she can count. Some of them have been high dollar cameras. When riding our horses, Maggie has always had a camera with her and has probably broken a dozen or more of them. Even a speck of sand destroyed a really nice brand new camera because it got in the lense.  Then there was the dropped camera! So we searched for a TOUGHER camera that happens to be appropriately  named, “Tough”.  When we ride, Maggie has the camera in her hand no matter what kind of scary, tough trail we are on. The camera never leaves her hand, even when her horse fell on her pinning Maggie beneath. We know a lot of people might not think this is the safe way to ride, but Maggie never misses that perfect shot. This camera has been on every journey with us, whether it is hiking, skiing, or riding. However, because of where we live and ride and the high altitude, mountain riding we experience drastic changes in weather. You can go from 90 degrees to a snow storm before you know it.  You name it, we have been hit with it. This includes torrential downpours, hail, high wind, and snow. This camera is still kicking and still taking all of the fabulous pictures you have seen of Facebook. 

That is why we have decided to share this with you all. We have already had people buy this exact camera due to our recommendation and they love it too. Believe us, this camera gets USED. In a short ride we are taking about 500 pictures believe it or not and it isn’t uncommon to take around 900 on our big rides.   This camera is like half the price these days   Highly recommend!



  1. Jon Tanner

    If this camera never leaves Maggies hand, How does she take so many selfies? I need to learn that secret. Most of my photos are of others. very few of me, I take a lot of photos during a weekend ride, Usually 100, So if you take 500 photos, You have a lot to sort through. I probably should take more. I use a Canon Powershot SX710HS which is not waterproof but does offer a 30X Zoom.


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